Local finds: Love & Hummus Co.

You know you’re from California when you get excited about new hummus at the store. We’ve got a ton of different brands up here, and I’ve sworn by Haig’s as of now. I was at my local Safeway, which is kind of out of the ordinary but I was pressed for time. I noticed these cute little jars of organic hummus, on sale for $5 and some change.

I’m all about foods with ingredients I can pronounce and recognize. Love & Hummus, based out of San Francisco, makes several flavors, like roasted lemon and thyme (!) and caramelized garlic (!!!!). I saw a spicy Harissa jar and immediately picked it up (it’s the Korean in me. Put anything spicy in front of me and I will snatch it up instantly).

The hummus is nice and creamy, and the Harissa flavor is pronounced without being too spicy.

As an added bonus, it comes in a cute glass jar that can be saved and reused.

In case you didn’t see the link above, check out Love & Hummus at http://www.loveandhummus.com.  


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