Local eats: Sequoia Diner in Oakland’s Laurel District

In case you haven’t read or noticed, I am a breakfast fiend. So when I found out a new diner was opening near my house, that was making everything in-house and using fresh, local ingredients, I had to try it out.

Before Sequoia took over, it was an old school diner that I was not a huge fan of. So is Sequoia an upgrade? Absolutely. The interior is sunny and bright, and the staff members are all super friendly. The owner herself is out on the floor, and the food is fantastic.

fresh lemons, an old school record player, and vinyl decorate the space behind the counter
looking down the counter, you can see into the kitchen.

I’ve been twice now, and just get a simple breakfast with eggs, home fries, breakfast meat, and their killer homemade biscuit. Almost everything is homemade here–the biscuit, the seriously good jam it comes with, even the bacon and sausage. You also get a nice portion of lightly dressed arugula with your meal, to lighten things up a bit.

sequoia diner
eggs, dressed greens, perfectly crisp homefries, and the insanely good homemade biscuit + preserves

They also use local coffee from Highwire Coffee in Oakland, as an added bonus.

Sequoia Diner is located at 3719 Macarthur Blvd., Oakland CA 94619. They are open Wednesday to Sunday, from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. More info can be found at their website, www.sequoiadiner.com


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