Last meal in Paris, first meal in Barcelona! 

This is actually a couple days late, we have been so busy adjusting to Barcelona! It’s a very different culture compared to Paris.

For our last meal, we stopped by a local brasserie called Le Corail. Remember how I tried my first escargot? I liked it so much, we ordered it again. 

It was only fitting for our last meal to be decadent, so I ordered a flank steak with caramelized shallots and some delicious new potatoes. It was cooked to perfection! 

And a heads up to my fellow travelers: Orly airport is an absolute shitshow. For some reason, they have only about 10 attendants checking in people for ALL FLIGHTS. I’ve never seen anything like it, you get in the longest line imaginable, wait for at least one hour, and then check in and pray you were in the right line. I actually saw some people get turned away and sent to the back for whatever reason. Needless to say, they were upset. 

After finally checking in, we took a short flight to Barcelona. We got to our apartment around 8 and figured we would just eat and get some rest. There are a ton of small restaurants nearby, and we ended up at Homo Sibaris. 

Now, I speak Spanish decently and thought I could get by here.. But Catalan is completely unfamiliar. I could barely understand the menu, and we took a gamble and ordered things that sounded like they would be good. 


In Paris, you order fairly large meals, but Barcelona is all about the tapas (small plates). This is especially good because you can try a bunch of different dishes, and there’s something about sharing food with your friends that builds a sense of camaraderie. We had mussels, olives, chicken and potato croquettes, patatas bravas, toast with tomato spread and cheese, and a provolone queso fundido. The food is a bit on the lighter side and has that Mediterranean flair. 

It’s also much cheaper eating here! Each tapa is anywhere from 1-5 euros, so we can stuff ourselves for about 30-40 euros total. Good news for a food blogger 😁 


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