The Louvre, Chinese food in Paris, and Bastille

Paris is exhausting. There is so much to do and see here, and we are only here until Saturday! Today we went to the Louvre. In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what that is, it’s a huge, famous museum in Paris. 

My friend is fluent in French and has been here several times, so he knows how to navigate the metro system. When you hop out of the subway station, you see this: 


And just a little ways inside, you see this: 

Pro tip: don’t wait in the line outside by the main entrance! It’s super long and it is hot in Paris right now. Go inside and enter through the mall instead. 

There really are no words for the Louvre. So much timeless art and absolutely gorgeous architecture. 


I swear, I’m an adult. But I could not stop giggling at this painting: 


… Or stop myself from doing this: 

 We saw about 60% of the museum, and then we tapped out. All that walking, plus the heat, plus the jet lag made for some very tired tourists. We went home and intended to take a one hour nap–it turned into a three hour nap. Woops. 

We woke up hungry and decided to try an Asian place right by our apartment. We had no idea what the menu was, we just knew we had walked by the other night and the place was bustling and smelled fantastic. 

Les Trois Royaumes specializes in Schezuan cuisine, which means everything is crazy spicy. If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m all about the spicy food.. But this was almost too much for me. 



 Afterwards, we stopped by a local cafe for dessert. I needed something to help cool off the spicy dinner we had, so I opted for creme brûlée. It was so good–and surprisingly not very sweet. 


 After that, we freshened up and hit the bars in Bastille. Rue de Lappe is a small street full of bars; if you’re from the bay, I can best describe it as a French Polk street. We were pretty shocked when we walked into the first bar and saw a bunch of teenagers on the dance floor! Totally forgot the drinking age is much younger here than the States. Was also wondering what these kids were doing out at midnight on a Wednesday, but that’s a whole other story. 

Drinks at the bars on Rue de Lappe are pretty cheap. Most places offer a shot deal–buy 10 shots for 40 euros, 5 shots for 15 (but this one was limited in choices of alcohol), cocktails are about 8 euros. Needless to say, we ordered a lot of shots.

Like, a lot. 

We stumbled back home around 2 AM and called it a night. Back at it tomorrow! 


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