Bottlerock Napa! 

So I had zero plans for the long Memorial Day weekend, and I definitely did not plan on going to BottleRock Napa – mainly because it cost about $140 per day, and $300 to go all weekend.

But come Friday night, my cousin Lauren, who is also an amazing fashion blogger texted me asking if I’d like to bartend at BottleRock with her over the weekend.

I would get to attend Bottlerock and make some extra cash? Count me in.

First off, it was 90+ degrees all weekend and they asked us to show up in all black. Somehow we both managed not to pass out.

Sunday I was placed in a Coors booth up by the main stage, which was absolutely perfect since I could watch the show and hear the bands performing. 

The first day we were placed in a booth towards some weird back entry, so we each walked away with a whopping $22 each in tips. Of course, I immediately spent that money on food and beer!

First up: spicy tuna handroll from Takoba Sushi. I just googled them to grab that link and found out it’s in the same building as John Colins! This was the perfect bite for such a hot day, and the spicy tuna had a nice kick. 

My foodie friend had gone the day before and told me I had to try the Jamaican Jerk Bao from Heritage Eats. These. Were. A.Ma.Zing. The jerk chicken was topped with a seriously spicy sauce, and the bao was super soft and pillowy. 

Oh, we also got waffle fries and Thai iced tea from them. We literally ordered the entire menu they offered.

Ya’ll know I don’t play. 

The second day we came back for the waffle fries because they were seriously that good. I also grabbed a pulled pork sandwich from Mustard’s Grill, and it was my first time trying anything from the very well known restaurant.

This was my first music festival, and I don’t understand how people could go for all three days. Maybe I’m just getting old, but I was wiped out by the end of day 2! Not pictured is the silent disco we happened upon. Pictured is us with a giant metal hashtag. 

You can tell who’s the fashion blogger and who’s the food blogger here.

If you were at BottleRock let me know what you enjoyed most!

You can follow Lauren’s blog here, and follow her on Instagram for great fashion finds and tips. 


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