Wrapping up in Ibiza

I’m finally back home! Europe was amazing, but the workaholic in me just can’t vacation for two weeks. We ended our trip in Ibiza, which is similar to Vegas–you can’t spend more than two nights there. It’s a party island, so there isn’t much to do aside from drinking and laying out on the beach. I know, life is hard, right?

Also, partying in Ibiza is crazy expensive! Most of the popular clubs were charging a 60 euro cover. One spot was actually charging 90 euros!! Who pays that much?!

We stayed on two different sides of the island: for the first two days, we were near Talamanca, and we spent the second half by San Antonio. I’d definitely recommend staying near Talamanca over San Antonio; the beach by our hotel in San Antonio was nowhere near as nice as the beach in Talamanca, and the food left a lot to be desired. San Antonio is much more touristy, and the nicer clubs and bars are by Talamanca.

We frequented the Restaurante Bellamar, which is located right on Talamanca beach. They make a mean caipirinha, and you can order drinks and take them with you to the beach if you’re looking for something on-the-go.


They also make sangria de cava with fresh fruit, and an entire bottle of cava. I like the way they think here.


Sunsets in Ibiza are absolutely breathtaking:


And the beaches are perfect for lounging all day. It can get hot, but the water is the perfect temperature and you can just hop in to cool off every once in awhile.


Seafood reigns supreme. Bar Flotante is a popular spot, with lots of locals going for breakfast. They also serve up some seriously affordable seafood! I got an entire cuttlefish with my plate, and it was only 12 euros! My friend also got an entire fish with hers, and it was one of the few times we couldn’t finish our food.



The food in San Antonio is a different story. We didn’t enjoy much of it, until we finally stumbled across a small restaurant called Visions Bar. It seems to share a space with a car rental of some sort, but we were drawn in by the sight of a huge charcoal barbecue grill loaded with meat.


This was one of the best things I ate in Ibiza. Lamb skewers, served with perfectly grilled vegetables and french fries. I’m honestly french fry’d out, and was so happy to see the veggies on my plate. A blistered tomato, grilled eggplant, some type of mushroom I haven’t seen before, zucchini, and a grilled pepper make the perfect side dish to the lamb. The lamb was flavored well and cooked to perfection.


The perfect way to end my vacation. Back to work!


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