Barceloneta and Can Ramonet

We had the perfect end to our day yesterday with a visit to Barceloneta. This beach district seems to be a tourist hot spot and local favorite; there are tons of restaurants and bars lining the main road, and even though we got to the beach in the evening there were still tons of people. 

Walking there from the metro, you see these incredibly charming side streets:


The beach itself is gorgeous, and people walk around selling mojitos!



As we were leaving, we saw a random group of swing dancers on the street. Maybe they all took classes together? Or is swing dancing a thing out here? 

We were getting hungry (again. I know, hard to believe) and wanted to get some legit paella. The restaurants along the main road advertised it, but we didn’t see anyone eating it. We decided to head down a smaller side street, and stumbled upon Can Ramonet. 

Almost every table outside was eating paella, and we knew this was the one. Can Ramonet is a bit more upscale, but still incredibly affordable. We ordered seafood paella for two, and shrimp in garlic sauce. 


There are honestly no words  to describe how good the paella was. I’ve had paella back at home, but this was on a completely different level. The flavors out here are so fresh, and this paella had a subtle hint of spice. The shrimp came in a skillet and was still sizzling in garlic and olive oil. 

The food was so good we decided to try dessert. We ordered one piece of chocolate cake with ice cream to share.. 


Their dessert game is on point too. The cake had small crunchy bits in the bottom, and tasted like a ferrero rocher. The ice cream was light and not too sweet.

We left incredibly satisfied and full. If you find yourself in Barcelona, you absolutely must come here! 


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